What kinds of membership you have and what are differences ?

Please visit “Pricing” page to our membership types: Bronze (free) and Gold ($30/month) in details.

Do I need to provide credit card information to sign up ?

No. Unless you want to buy products or become a paid member.

Is this free to register to become an member of MarketFellow.com ?

Yes. It is free to join and register to become an member. You can also consider to become a paid member for much more benefit.

Is membership fee refundable ? What if I decide to cancel or change membership at any time ?

Monthly membership is charged at the beginning of each 30 days (month) period from provided credit card. This fee is not refundable. Customer can change or cancel membership at any time by using “Membership Account” page to do it.

What is your mission statement to set up this web site ? What makes your service special ?

Please visit “About Us” page that describes our mission, our service, and our people.

Do I need to worry about my privacy like name, email or other personal information being sold out ?

Your privacy is very important to use. We will secure and protect your privacy as our top priority. Please see our Privacy page for details including cookies technology.

Is your stock quote data real time or delay ?

All data under “Market” menu are from third party provider for delay quotes. Delay time is about 15 minutes. All items under “Data” menu are real-time quotes.

Why your data table shows Volume % ? What does it mean ?

Volume % is meant to indicate intra-day or end of day volume compared to past 50 days average volume.

Can I post my own articles ?

Yes. We encourage everyone to share and publish their viewpoints, opinions or comments.

Why I do not see my article being published after submission ?

Posting messages do not require review but publishing an article takes a review process. We will review your article as soon as possible and publish it as long as contents are appropriate.