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Our Mission

  • Build an investment platform where everyone can learn, share, lead, interact, participate and compete with markets and people everywhere, anytime

  • Provide market updates, analysis, data, actions, through real-time, transparent, and result-oriented articles

  • Connect Wall street to main street so that real world economy and stock markets are approachable and available for people to build up their investment experience

Our Features

Stock Chart

Stock Chart

Line, bar chart, candlestick style chart, indicators, various time frames, multiple symbols, annotation. Full power of technical analysis.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Histogram, sector bar, dual lines, index map, index price-volume table, global geo map. Advanced premium and proprietary tools.

Watchlist, Portfolio, Performance

Watchlist, Portfolio, Performance

Individual stock, update, watchlist, portfolio, performance, and lots of articles.

  • Stock information includes market index, ETF, charts, profile, technical analysis tools, chart annotation, screener tool, earnings, economic calendar, etc.
  • Data visualization covers Dow Jones, S&P, Nasdaq100, histogram, sector bar chart, dual line charts, index heat map, index table with price-volume percent, global geo map, and more premium / proprietary tools to come.
  • Member area contains all member activities, list of members, list of groups, forums or public discussions.
  • Paid membership (Gold) accesses market update, watchlist, portfolio, performance and paid-member only articles.
  • Articles are available in following categories: markets, charts, news, and stocks.
  • Member can post messages, write articles, connect with others, join groups, send public or private messages, make friends, and interact with fellows or members in various ways

Our People

Member Types

Our members consist of beginner-learner, contributor-leader, and fellow levels participation with the stock markets.


Everyone starts from this level when newly getting to the stock markets. Observe, read, learn, ask, practice, and interact with others to get familiar with the stock markets.


Compose, analyze, lead, contribute articles and help others in the following categories: stocks, charts, news, markets and trades. More importantly, you build up groups or investment clubs to show leadership.


Experienced stock market traders, investors and analysts. Any active members who consistently made significant contributions in writing, trading, grouping, introducing (referral) could become a fellow. Qualified fellows earn the highest honor with headline articles, publications, life-time free membership, @marketfellow.com email address, and lots more benefits.

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