Technology Leads

June 22, 2020, 1:03 pm EDT

Technology Leads

After up-down swing in the early opening hours, stock markets decide to take upside action with technology leading the way.

  • Mega Cap: AAPL, MSFT +2%
  • Simulation Software: SNPS +4%, CDNS +3%, ANSS +2%
  •  IT, Security, Support software: FVRR +6%, FTNT +5%, FIVN +3%, ZM +4%

In addition, retailer or consumer discretionary takes strong jump:

  • GPS +8%, BBY +4%, NKE +3%

It shows that stock markets switch to aggressive mode or higher speed gear. Please keep in mind that COVD-19 climbs to the new high area globally. The US also climbed up to uptrend in numbers. Stock markets ignore this important fact at this moment but reality could come any time to smash the uptrend. Please keep this background in mind.

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