Stock Market Today: Core Power Strengthen

October 15, 2021, 12:13 pm EDT

Core Power Strengthen

Core power here does not refer to Yoga or exercise for your middle section of the body. It is about the core sectors of the stock markets: financial, industrial, material, and energy.

Whenever the core is strengthened, we know that there could be a sustainable power behind it for stability and endurance in the long run. 

  • Financial: BAC, WFC, C, GS, AXP, SCHW
  • Industrial: JBHT, GNRC, ODFL
  • Material: AA, FCX
  • Energy: DVN, HAL

Strong earnings reports and positive expectations for these core sectors drive the stock markets for the second day strong rally with +300 points gains for DJIA as of now. Notice many strong performances appeared from these sectors. 

Therefore, we would be looking into these areas to search for watchlist or portfolio candidates during the weekend. 

If there is another rally next week, offensive sectors would also lead the uptrend including technology, communication, and consumer discretionary. The leadership should manifest itself along with the uptrend that is where we want our portfolio to align with it.

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  1. agreed, keeping a close eye on the tech sector!

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