Stock News Today: Trump COVID-19 Positive

October 2, 2020, 3:05 pm EDT

Trump COVID-19 Positive

Stock markets react quietly to the news that Trump and his wife were tested positive on COVID-19 disease. DJIA lost -40 points or -0.2%, S&P -0.6% and Nasdaq -1.8%. Perhaps,  it is due to the fact Trump does not suffer physically as of now and expectation for his recovery is high.

Technology stocks keep pulling back to digest their profits in the past 6  months which is normal. Industrial, financial and material rise up mildly during rotation. Thus, overall investment environment is bullish. 

However, it is still a highlighted event this week within almost a month for the US presidential election. Any situation related to Trump and the election could still drive market direction quickly. So, stay alert.

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