Stock Market Today: Dow Jones and Nasdaq Divergence

May 10, 2021, 9:55 am EDT

Dow Jones and Nasdaq Divergence

Dow Jones and Nasdaq Divergence continue to show the strength in material and energy and weakness in technology. As a result, Dow Jones is up +240 points vs Nasdaq down -183. Therefore, it is important to have commodity stocks in your portfolio to participate in the rally. Here are some examples of commodity types and stocks:

  • Basic Material: CLF, X, STLD, AA, FCX, NUE, STLD
  • Precious Metal: NEM, KGC, PAAS
  • Fertilizer: MOS, CF 
  • Energy: EOG, DVN, MUR

This situation shows upcoming inflation. It will result in a high-interest rate and destroy the US economy in an ugly way.

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