All Green Day

November 24, 2020, 6:46 pm EST

All Green Day

Today is a strong day for the stock markets with all major indexes up about 1.3-1.6%. Our portfolio reflects these bullish actions. Furthermore, accumulated gains are also all green with most of them in double digits gains as shown.
Looking back our featured articles, many portfolio positions are already mentioned in the published article with market update, watchlist, charts or stock picks. 

If you follow our approach and methodology, analyzing stocks and markets both in market perspectives, fundamental views, and technical (charting) analysis, you may be able to get similar performance. Our style is to get one major uptrend for 15-20% profits in a few weeks or few months. We presented our trades that met this goal. Some trades even reached beyond 100% gains in a few months. Most importantly, we are not playing with low price penny stocks or micro caps (below 500 million market caps) for high risk trades. Almost all our trading stocks are above 1-2 billion market caps. Many stocks belong to S&P 500 (large caps) or even DJIA 30 components. It means that we are serious traders or investors with reasonable risk management. 

We welcome you to join our Gold member ($30 / month) that enables you to access our portfolio, watchlist and update in addition to Gold member only articles. During the Thanksgiving holiday, we want to wish you all the best with thanksgiving spirit for 2020.

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