2021 Actual Trade: VSTO +22% Profits

February 10, 2021, 12:50 pm EST

2021 Actual Trade: VSTO +22% Profits

It is not too late when missing a breakout. In fact, there are many chances to get after a strong breakout. 

For example, Vista Outdoor (VSTO) made a strong breakout with +22% gains on 12/22/2020 from a low point of 20 to a high point 26. It offered the opportunity during the next 8 sessions of mild pullback. It is important to note the low point about 24 which is much higher than 22 which was the gap-up level. 

Then, when new uptrend started crossing over 25 level, there was no time to wait as the timing was perfect to ride the uphills rally. The rest is easy and enjoyable for a quick +22% in about a month timeframe. 

We also have an article to cover VSTO for reference:


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