Stock Market Today: Technology Rebounds and Crypto Vibrates

May 20, 2021, 3:49 pm EDT

Technology Rebounds and Crypto Vibrates

Technology leads the rebound from semiconductor, software, and internet industries the second day. Cryptocurrencies made a rebound first but retreat after the US government may begin to involve in collecting tax from those who made profits. 

While many people rush into Bitcoin and many other virtual currencies, it is not the area this web focuses on. Our investment style is to make a more consistent return from a trend based on fundamental, economic, and technical analysis. More importantly, we want to secure our loss to a minimal level or controllable amount on daily basis. Penny stocks, cryptocurrencies, highly speculative stocks do not fit in our trading style. 

However, these activities do provide us a chance to comprehend market dynamics just like an indicator. We believe cryptocurrencies serve as a leading indicator when the market top-out for this bull cycle. If it is true, then we should prepare portfolio settings for a much bigger and long-lasting effect for months or years to come.

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