Stock Market Today: Keep Flying Higher

November 1, 2021, 3:32 pm EDT

Keep Flying Higher

On the first trading day of November, the stock markets show bullish bias on energy and consumer discretionary sectors. All major indexes are at a record high area so only the sky is the limit for this bull.

Energy, alternative energy, electrical energy clean energy are all flying higher into the hyperinflation era. Notice the Consumer Price Index is around the 30 year high. Rising energy, food, and most of the everyday items threaten low-income and mid-income families as a result of money printing and low-interest-rate policies. The stock markets ignore the potential negative impact for now. 

Surprisingly, the consumer discretionary sector also rises up today. Improved COVID-19 conditions gave traders and investors hope that gambling, hotels, cruises, may be able to take advantage. We are not sure about it because of the inflation trouble we mentioned. 

Opportunities could exist in the energy or technology sectors. Particularly, we like the semiconductor industry that we may pick a stock in our next stock picks article.

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