Happy Thanksgiving 

November 24, 2021, 10:51 am EST

Happy Thanksgiving 

US Thanksgiving holiday is coming this weekend that is the day to give thanks for what you have (not what you want). 2021 is near the end with about 1 month left. By going through the deadly disease of COVID-19 and high inflation, people should have many reasons to complain instead of giving thanks. However, here is a list of 7 items that most of us do have and are examples to cheer up this weekend.

  1. You are still alive after a two-years worldwide COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Stock markets are near the record highs
  3. No major wars in most parts of the world
  4. Plenty supply of food and water, including a turkey
  5. Utilities (electricity, gas, oil) are available, though more expensive
  6. Lowest jobless claims of 199K since 1969
  7. Peaceful mother natural in the US (no fatal earthquake, flooding, storms, etc)

Economically, the US is still in relatively good shape in terms of stock markets, job markets, housing markets in 2021. Although the good time is fragile and could disappear quickly, this year is still a very blessing year that investment, housing values, and jobs are strong. 

All major indexes double their value or grew about 100% from March 2020. It is a fantastic performance throughout 130 years in Dow Jones history.

Please enjoy this thanksgiving holiday with your families and friends with a nice meal. There could be a tough time ahead but until then:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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