Stock Market Today: Defense Lineup

February 28, 2022, 11:12 am EST

Defense Lineup

Everyone should be aware of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine since last week. Fighting is still going on the land and air. Missiles, jets, tanks, bombs, guns are all on the stage to show their power. This could be the lineup for the entire defense system with more investment in the future if you believe the battlefield will not be finished within a few days or weeks. This is exactly what many institutional investors think according to the market performance today. 

  • LMT: Black Hawk helicopter, F-16, F-21, F-22, F-35, C-130J, C-5
  • NOC: B-2 Bomber (featured picture), B-21, F-35 Lightning II
  • KTOS: XQ-58A (unmanned aerial systems)
  • RTX: Missiles, Radars
  • GD: Tanks, Abrams tank, Stryker combat vehicles, LAVs, and AJAX armored fighting vehicles, marine, submarine
  • MAXR: space infrastructure
  • LHX: Electronics systems
  • MANT: cyber, satellites

We are adding more defense stocks into our portfolio (LMT, NOC, KTOS). In our opinion, there is a lot more space to grow in the defense industry because the threat of wars is going to increase.

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