Stock Market Today: Falling and Rising Stars

Falling and Rising Stars

Today should be a day to easily spot the falling and rising stars at the same time when major indexes bloodshed after the September jobs report. 

  • Falling Stars: AMD, NVDA, TSLA, MSFT, META, AAPL, AMZN
  • Rising Stars: NOC, LHX, LMT

The breakdown -of 12% on AMD is because of its preliminary Q3 results. Tesla (TSLA) keeps plunging another -6% which reflected its trouble in acquiring Twitter. 

The emerging defense stocks illustrate the need for coming warfare globally. Fighting jets, missiles, unmanned planes, and various weapons are expected to surge for months or years. 

Other potential rising stars include the energy sector and medical devices (DXCM).

The stock market drop more than 2-3% today. It could drop much lower in the coming months. Thus, all market participants need to be highly alert and prepared. 

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