Global Events: Coming Back of COVID-19 ?

August 21, 2023, 10:45 am EDT

Coming Back of COVID-19 ?

The nightmare of COVID-19 during the past three years 2020-2023 was difficult for many people around the globe. This year seems to be a recovery year or reopening year. But, would COVID-19 disappear or come back again?

Actually, we know that it will not disappear completely in a short period of time. It simply changes different forms to exist by developing new ways to deal with drugs or the immune system.   

For example,  EG.5 is ready to spread out some parts of the world at this moment. As we covered in our 08/17 article that these COVID-19 stocks surge again today: MRNA +8%, BNTX +7%. 

Nobody knows the future but it is always a good idea to be alert to stock performance in order to prepare for coming events, either good or bad.

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