Sectors: Jump on Energy and Material

March 13, 2024, 2:55 pm EDT

Jump on Energy and Material

In a peaceful stock market today, energy and material sectors got a boost from investors:

  • Energy: VLO +6%, DINO +5%, APA +4%
  • Material: SCCO +9%, TECK +9%, FCX +8%

The reason behind this surge is not known at this moment. But, it could be related to the intense Middle East condition between Israel-Hamas in the Gaza-Rafah area. It is possible that the chaotic environment is likely to get worse with more military conflicts between multiple countries involved. 

The Haiti crisis, Russia-Ukraine wars, and US-China confrontation also escalate to the higher ground these days. In our observation, the world order is getting worse. 

Nature resources like energy and materials, including other commodities would become more valuable as the demand is going to rise.

Please check out stocks on these area where investment opportunities may be available. 

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