Investing Strategy: Cloud, Bio-tech, Pharmaceuticals Strong Momentum

July 8, 2020, 10:39 am EDT

Cloud, Bio-tech, Pharmaceuticals Strong Momentum

Many cloud-related software companies perform well recently including ZS, APPN, BOX, CLDR, TEAM, BILL, FIVN, CRM that are shown in our watchlist and portfolio (gold member). 

Another strong momentum groups are biotech and pharmaceuticals. Yesterday was a big down day but following stocks showed an impressive run: NVAX +31%, INO +15%, BLUE +11%, TGTX +11%, CRSP +8%, VIR +8%, ACAD +6%. We will add some of them into our watchlist. 

Overall markets are still in bullish mode but extended rally made new entry points more challenging. It is easier to watch portfolios marching higher in this type of market conditions. Investing strategy should focus on individual stocks and holding on the rally and rotate during pullback time.

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