2021 Actual Trade: AXON +29% Profits

February 22, 2021, 4:25 pm EST

2021 Actual Trade: AXON +29% Profits

A good defense could be an excellent offense. Self-defense electric gun Taser made by Axon Enterprise (AXON) has many shining point as we mentioned in 01/13 article for stock picks:


AXON made a strong move in January 2021 in responding to 2020 various riots like BLM, Antifa and elections. Technically, the entry point of 01/12 132 was an ideal entry point because AXON never touched this level again. It means holding this position in the portfolio was never in the red color. 

However, the exit point is not desirable even with +29% profits. 

A sharp rally on 02/11 reached 210 which is equivalent to near +60% profits. Sharp pullback almost wiped out all last gains so we have to settle +29% gains. Taking profits for half positions at top will lock-in big profits at top.

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