2021 Actual Trade: NVAX +122% Profits

February 23, 2021, 10:46 am EST

2021 Actual Trade: NVAX +122% Profits

COVID-19 was definitely a hot topic for 2020. Various vaccines and treatments made biotech and pharmaceuticals busy and popular. We mentioned NVAX many times in the past:

11/27/2020 Stock Market Today:


12/14/2020 Stock News:


02/04/2021 Stock Picks


NVAX provides desirable sideway patterns both from September-November 2020 and December-January 2021 so it gave us a chance to study NVAX from technical and fundamental perspectives.

After we accumulated twice in January 2021, NVAX was discovered and shot to the sky. We took a quick profit first. Then, COVID-19 began to decline, which caused NVAX to slow down also. We decided to close it completely. The highest point we got from NVAX was +122% profits.

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