Chicken and Eggs – (TSN, CALM)

March 4, 2021, 10:20 am EST

Chicken and Eggs – (TSN, CALM)

When stock markets are going through a pullback, decline, or bull-to-bear process, it is important to pay attention to discover rising stars in the dark. Money does not disappear. Money flows like water from one place to the other place. Particularly, over-priced, high valuation stocks are likely to suffer outflow and essential companies are going to benefit from this process. 

Chicken and eggs are essential food for our needs. Their stocks may not get attention during the bulls cycle. But, the food industry may grow significantly in the coming months or years.

  • The inflation era will cause food price to go higher including agriculture products: chicken and eggs
  • The Bull-to-bear cycle will help defensive types investment including consumer staples
  • Food stocks are breaking out recently and today when major indexes and stocks are in red color. For example, the following stocks are all green and many of them are breaking out today: TSN, TR, SJM, CALM, PPC, SAFM, KHC, ANDE, CPB
  • We pick TSN +4% and CALM +2.5%
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