2021 Actual Trade: VSTO +27% Profits

December 2, 2021, 12:30 am EST

2021 Actual Trade: VSTO +27% Profits

Sometimes, a strong stock can offer multiple breakouts from one base to another. It means that it is possible to buy the same stock multiple times and make profitable trades. Here is an example we did on Vista Outdoor (VSTO). 

VSTO made sports equipment and gears that are particularly a good choice when lockdown occurred during the COVID-19. Outdoor activities became more popular so that was the driving power behind this stock. 

We made a stock pick article on 01/06 and then made a quick +22% on 02/10. Then, we noticed another convergence pattern appeared so we got it again on 04/10. These articles are shown below:

Although we took +27% profits again on VSTO, it was a long journey. As we can see from the chart that there was resistance around 47-48 levels. Ideally, the best exit point should be in late July at 47. It would be a quick +40% profits with about two-month. 

We missed the opportunity. Thus holding VSTO for another 6 months back to 46-48 zone again. Waiting VSTO to break out for another new high but it did not happen. Therefore, it ended up with +27% when much more severe COVID-19 variants arrived that terminated the hope.

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