2021 Actual Trade: PLUG +24% Profits

December 1, 2021, 11:52 pm EST

2021 Actual Trade: PLUG +24% Profits

Fuel cell or hydrogen products are definitely one of the red hot industries in the past few months. We participated in Plug Power (PLUG) that was mentioned in the Stock Picks: Hydrogen Power: Plug Power Inc

The entry point for PLUG was timely correct after breaking out from a 3-month base. However, the exit point was off the top with a distance. The most perfect closing day should be 11/22 at the highest point of 46. The profits could be +54%. 

But, the market went through the shaky process with DJIA top-out and COVID variants. Thus, the profits shrank to +24% gains. 

However, PLUG is still one of the favorite stocks in this field so we could get back in if the chance comes back again.

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