Stock Market Today: Airlines, Cruises, Hotels, and Travels

December 6, 2021, 2:25 pm EST

Airlines, Cruises, Hotels, and Travels

The stock markets are excited and optimistic again on COVID-19 Omicron status based on the reactions of leading stocks in airlines, cruises, hotels, and travels:

  • Airlines: UAL, AAL, DAL, LUV, SKYW, AZUL, SAVE 
  • Cruises: NCLH, RCL, CCL, CUK
  • Hotels: LVS, WYNN, MGM, MAR, HLT
  • Travels: ABNB, EXPE, BKNG, TCOM

There are many stocks that are making a big jump today in the recreation and gambling industries as well. Furthermore, many COVID-19 vaccines makers suffer big losses: MRNA, BNTX, PFE

DJIA +700 points are based on this speculation which is highly risky. There are many unknown to the development of COVID-19 Omicron at this moment so this rally may not be real. 

The bankruptcy from China Evergrande Group is going to spread its financial diseases from China to the rest of the world. In our opinion, the outlook for the global market including US stock markets is less optimistic for this reason. The negative impact of China’s economic condition is not revealed yet so we need to stay cautious in investment. 

Another observation point for today’s market is the weakness in the technology industry. In fact, the leaders like NVDA, AMD, TSLA are struggling recently. It spells out trouble for the offensive sectors.

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