Stock Market Today: Rebound Continued

February 9, 2022, 10:17 pm EST

Rebound Continued

Rebound continued today with a gap-up for all major indexes. Dow Jones was able to reclaim bullish bias and S&P is back to neutral. Nasdaq still lags behind which barely recovered its long-term lie, 200 day-moving-average. Overall, the volume is still light so there is no confirmation that bulls have lots of more power. 

However, the earning seasons gave some stocks to show off their leaping power so here is a list to track: OMC, PFGC, CCJ, FOXA Overall, the earnings seem to be strong. 

Tomorrow, consumer Price Index data is to be released that could produce enough impact. The highest inflation rates since 1982 already hit everyone on this earth with gasoline, food, and most items. Thus, its development with rising rates is the main theme to play out. 

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