Stock News: Portfolio for the Tough Market 

February 23, 2022, 3:20 pm EST

Portfolio for the Tough Market 

During the tough market time like today (DJIA -400 -1.2%, S&P -1.6%, Nasdaq -2.2%), it is important to check up your portfolio to make sure it is strong enough to hold up during the storms. 

Our portfolio is mostly in green color at this moment. 

As you can see it consists of REIT (PSA), healthcare (BDX), ferterlizer (MOS), gold (NEM, GOLD), defense (LMT), agriculture (FMC, CTVA), food packaging (SEE), material (AA) and energy (APA). 

All important support levels for major indexes are broken so we prepare for a strong sell-off and downtrend in the future.

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