Commodity: Gold Keeps Shinning

April 1, 2022, 2:44 pm EDT

Gold Keeps Shinning

Although cryptocurrencies get a lot of attention, investors still remember the power of gold and silver in dealing with inflation. 

We already mentioned gold and silver many times since late 2021 till now:

Our gold holding position Newmont Corp (NEM) +3.8% already accumulated +43% unrealized profits for us since 12/16/2021. The power of gold silver just began to get stronger and shinner. 

As shown in the featured chart for Gold Miners (GDX) +3% can see its nearly 1-year base could generate more power to rally for months to come. 

GDX briefly consolidates in March between the range of 36-40. It seems like GDX is ready to break out 40 for the second way of advancing. 

We keep looking and adding our position on gold to ride the upswing.

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