Stock Market Today: The Resurgence of Semiconductor Industry

March 24, 2022, 3:14 pm EDT

The Resurgence of Semiconductor Industry

All green maps on semiconductors illustrate the resurgence of the semiconductor industry during this rebound rally. Dow Jones components Intel (INTC) scores +7% which is an unusual strength. Other major leaders jump even higher: NVDA +10%, MRVL +7%, MPWR +6%, ON +5%, AMD, TER, AMAT, MCHP, STM +5%, LRCX +4%. The winning list keeps going for all sizes of semiconductor stocks. 

Defense, consumer electronics, electric vehicles, alternative energy. communication, network all depend on semiconductor chips to work. Most likely, the washer and dryer cannot function without computer chips nowadays. 

We can assume this trend will go on under the background of wars, inflation, and rate hikes for months to come. 

We will pick a semiconductor in our next Stock Picks article.

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