Industry: Agriculture Paved the Way

March 25, 2022, 4:53 pm EDT

Agriculture Paved the Way

As our portfolio showed strong leaders in AGCO, CTVA that we bought in the past couple of weeks, it should be manifested to traders and investors that agriculture-related stocks paved the way for a bright future. 

Furthermore, parabolic spikes from fertilizers (MOS, CF, NTR) where we also took the profits on MOS with +56% gains illustrated the need for the days to come. 

Indeed, the Russia-Ukraine war triggered an already tightened need for stabilized food supply.  As the warfare extended longer, the food shortage problem is likely getting worse. Therefore, fertilizers (MOS, CF, NTR, ANDE), seeds (BG, CTVA), pesticides, farming equipment (DE, AGCO, LNN, TWI), processing (ADM), packaging (SEE), processed (KHC, CPB), wholesale (SYY), retailer (ASAI), supermarket (SFM, GO), transportation are likely to be in higher demand.

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