Portfolio More Commodifies

April 1, 2024, 2:41 pm EDT

Portfolio Update

As storms intensified in the Middle East conflict (Israel-Hamas) and Russia-Ukraine, we had adjusted our portfolio accordingly in the past couple months as shown. 

We added more commodity-energy based stocks such as XOM, MOS, NUE, TECK.

Recently, Gold prices shot to new highs that could be important to watch as well. 

Indeed, the chaotic environments continue to spread in terms of warfare that boosted the prices for materials, energy, mining, and precious metals. 

There is no sign that world order will stabilize for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, more governments are getting pressured by inflation (Argentina), deflation (China), and a variety of social unease movements. Therefore, it is essential to check your portfolio settings in order to avoid sudden change of market conditions and reduce the risk. 

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