Industry: Bloodshed Retailers

May 18, 2022, 11:03 am EDT

Bloodshed Retailers

The bloodshed retailers forecast the coming crisis of the US economy. 

  • Target (TGT): -24%
  • Walmart (WMT): -5% today, -11% yesterday
  • Costco Wholesale: (COST): -11%
  • Dollar Tree Inc (DLTR): -16%

Those retailers are the strongest retailers in the US. Their influential power should not be underestimated. The rising cost of raw materials, shipping costs, shipping expenses, labor shortage, minimum wages, supply-chain interruption, and price-sensitive customers punched these retailers very hard. The troubles reflect on their earnings report as well as earning outlook. 

As described in our 05/16 article, retailers are the key element for the health of the US economy. Troublesome retailers would decide how soon the recession will come. Furthermore, it can predict how long the recession will stay.

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