Stock Market Today: Prepared for the Disaster 

May 20, 2022, 12:50 pm EDT

Prepared for the Disaster 

Natural disasters come with destructive power that individuals or even entire human beings cannot deal with it. The only solution is to find a shelter and a safe place to hide during these devastating events. The key is to be reminded when sensing the danger prior to the disaster so that one has enough time to preserve the life. 

The same principle can apply to the financial disaster that is coming toward us. As numerous signals appeared from hyperinflation, retailer breakdown, the mega tech failures, crypto crash, record highs in energy, food, everything, and the breakdown of the major indexes. If do not see the signs of coming disasters, then the damage will come without mercy. 

While S&P 500 is ready to enter into the bear market today (-20% down from the top), Nasdaq is already in the deep red of 29% down for 2022. Technically, there is no support below for all major indexes nearby. It means the free fall may come next few weeks or months. In our opinion, the disaster will be significant enough to unwind the 13 years’ bull cycle.

Our estimation of the coming bear market will wipe out at least 50% of all major indexes. In fact, it could hit hard for the Nasdaq between 50-75% down from the high. Therefore, please be prepared for the disaster.

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