Sector: Let’s Rock

December 20, 2022, 11:12 am EST

Let’s Rock

There are only less than two weeks left for the trading sessions of 2022. Overall stock markets look shaky. Is there any investment area for positive returns in 2022-2023?

“Let’s Rock” is the word we have. 

The material sector got our attention in mid-October. Not only do we watch this sector closely, but we also began accumulating shares in our portfolio. In addition, the performance of these positions with double digits percentage unrealized gains seems to justify that we are in the right direction. 

There are different categories in the material sector to consider:

  • Precious Metal: gold, silver, platinum
  • Industrial Metal: steel, copper, aluminum
  • Specialty Material: fertilizer, rare earth

High inflation and geopolitical uncertainty sustain material to be a valuable commodity. This trend shall continue for 2023, in our opinion.

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