Stock Market Today: Leaders of the 52-week Highs

June 27, 2023, 7:24 pm EDT

Leaders of the 52-week Highs

The stock market kept its strong rally by gaining 1.6% in Nasdaq, 1.1% in S&P 500, and 0.6% in Dow Jones index.

The featured table shows 10 of the leaders who made a fresh 52-week high today. Not only did they perform superbly today, but they also scored high in 2023 with YTD return ranges from 25% to 100% as shown in the screener.

Here are the five categories:

  • Airlines: DAL, UAL
  • Trucking: XPO, SAIA, FDX
  • Retail: FND
  • Semiconductor: AMAT, LRCX, NXPI
  • Cruise: RCL

Some of them are technically extended for a new position but this list is worthy of attention. For example, FND builds a 5-month base and is ready for a potential breakout. Furthermore, surging in airlines and cruises shows the optimistic view from investors who bet more travel and vacations are going to happen after the post-COVID period. 

Transport in trucking describes stronger delivery for the second half of 2023. 

Semiconductor makers are the key to meeting the demand for AI chips and various needs. 

This market is suitable for stock pickers so we should be sensitive and brave on stock selections.

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