Jobs Are Back

(Featured Images from US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

June 5, 2020, 11:00 am EDT

Jobs Are Back

Non-farm payroll sharply increases 2.5 million jobs in May shows that jobs are back. Although 13% unemployment rates remain high, stock markets keep very optimistic bias to believe that new bull markets are here. 

The Dow Jones index is up more than 800 points and all major indexes advance 2-3% as of now. Nasdaq is making new historical highs. Airlines, hotels, retailers, energy, financial, industrial keep getting higher for weeks in responding to recovery and even new highs for the stock markets after COVD-19 virus impact. 

Traders can ride along waves. Just be aware of the risks from this type of climax run with more than +40% gains in the past 50 days. 

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