Stock Market Today: Heavy Construction

August 12, 2021, 2:18 pm EDT

Heavy Construction

Let’s keep focusing on the multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill and its effect. It is important to follow up where investment money flows where stock prices are rising for months and years. 

As we had mentioned, there are three major components of infrastructure projects which are material, equipment, and heavy construction consultants. We will cover heavy construction here. 

All big projects involved heavy construction consultation. Especially, government-sponsored projects like dams, airports, highways, bridges take years to complete. Design, preparation, coordination, and construction require complicated processes and series approval, checking, and quality control. Here we will list three companies for our readers to consider:

ACM +3%, J +2%. PWR +2%. 

We will consider adding at least one of the above to our portfolio. It will be available as our stock picks soon. Their performance today already shows the demand from institutional investors to participate in the upcoming rally.

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