Stock Market Today: COVID-19 Mutations and Outbreaks

November 26, 2021, 11:01 am EST

COVID-19 Mutations and Outbreaks

Instead of getting better after the thanksgiving holiday, the stock market suffered a heavy loss of near -1000 points in DJIA. due to COVID-19 mutations and outbreaks. 

Mutations after several generations of the deadly disease began to spread and threaten the human intelligence to research and make new vaccines. Outbreaks from South Africa and many European countries shake the world. 

Vaccines makers have a good day again: MRNA +26%, BNTX +21%, NVAX +11%, PFE +6%.

Most of the stocks turned red color today for the short trading session after the holiday. 

Needless to say, airlines, hotels, travel, retailers got hit directly. Energy, which is one of the strong sectors, is also dropped significantly to prepare for another global slowdown in economic activities. 

This is a bearish turnaround for December or even 2022. We will have more updates during the weekend but be prepared for the bearish outlook.

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