Stock News: Alternative Power 

March 9, 2022, 1:12 pm EST

Alternative Power 

When crude oil prices shoot up more than +160% (from 50 to 130) for the past 15 months since the Biden administration, alternative power becomes more necessary. Especially, the Russia-Ukraine war and series of sanctions, including banning oil from Russia, made the energy crisis much worse. It contributed to the skyrocketing oil price without ceilings. Currently, it is about $120-130 level. But, it could go much higher if the war continues and the oil supply remains tight. 

Alternative power includes electrical power, fuel cell, solar panel, electrical components, electric vehicles, charging stations, batteries, systems, and various applications. 

  • Residential Solar Energy: NOVA
  • Solar Wafer, Cells, Modules: CSIQ
  • Fuel Cell Products and Applications: BLDP
  • Home Energy Solutions for Solar Photovoltaic Industry: ENPH
  • Hydrogen / Renewable Energy for Home and Commerical: BE
  • DC Inverter and  Solar Power Harvesting: SEDG
  • Installation and Lease of Solar Energy Systems: RUN

Although there are many stocks in these alternative energy areas, many of them are not profitable. Thus, it is important to realize the risk of buying a company that is not profitable because it will need a continual inflow of money from investors to make it alive. 

However, a higher cost of energy will give these alternative power stocks to climb higher that is worthy of attention. 

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