Stock Picks: Electric and Solar Power (GNRC, CSIQ)

April 5, 2022, 9:54 am EDT

Electric and Solar Power (GNRC, CSIQ)

Alternative energy in electric and solar is coming quickly to become a reality for individuals (home owners) and businesses (backup power). We pick Generac Holdings Inc (GNRC) and Candian Solar Inc (CSIQ) as our watchlist. 

Technically, they both are ready to make an uptrend rally if a breakout occurs. 

The hard part of finding potential winners in this area is to ensure trey can survive long enough for their prime time. It means that they have to have the ability to make money. Both GNRC and CSIQ should be good enough from the fundamental perspectives. 

In a shaky stock market, these stocks carry higher risks. Thus, it is important to cut a loss short if they drop to the pre-determined sell-stop level.

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