Industry: Shopper Types for the Hyperinflation Era

April 19, 2022, 3:32 pm EDT

Shopper Types for the Hyperinflation Era

How many types of shoppers are there for the hyperinflation era? When everything becomes more expensive with limited money available, most people would think deeper and make smart choices to survive in tough environments. There could be different strategies to save money while getting food, clothes, and various items. It is interesting to monitor these industries that are either strong or emerging recently to reflect the need for the crowds. 

  • Discount Shoppers

Discount shoppers are looking for absolute low prices for everyday items. Indeed, low prices are the keyword to becoming a winning company in this category. Offering a variety of necessary products with reasonable quality with physical stores are also a key element. Here are some examples of strong leaders in this group: DLTR, WMT, DG. Please check out their charts so that you can be convinced that they beat almost all technology names that you are aware of. 

  • Value Shoppers

Value shoppers are searching for the best relative value available. These producers may not be cheap in terms of the absolute dollar. But, good quality or brand names with off-price labels are essential to get the attention of this group of shoppers. Typical stores are TJX, ROST, BURL

  • Bulk Shoppers

Buying bulk or large volumes can save money as we all know. Therefore, bulk shoppers would buy large amounts for the best deal. A typical winning store in this category is COST

These companies perform well because they meet the need for majorities of the shoppers in these categories. In our opinion, they could outperform others during the hyperinflation era when saving money becomes a must for shoppers. 

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