Stock Picks: Cereal, Chips, Snacks – Kellogg Company (K)

May 6, 2022, 11:39 am EDT

Cereal, Chips, Snacks – Kellogg Company (K)

Do you like cereal, chips, or snacks from the featured picture? Today many investors like the company very much so they bring the $24 billion market cap company Kellogg Company (K) to a fresh 52-week high today.

Most likely, people like its defensive food industry and necessary products that we all need disregard the economic condition. Another bonus to owning K for the long term is its 3% dividends. 

Technically, we can see a one-year flat base with its gap-up breakout that brought a new high today. Its consolidation and momentum are both ready for a potential uptrend rally. 

Of course, its slow growth business may not be attractive for a growth investor. But, when many companies are making 52 weeks lows with continuous new lows, K stands out from the crowds with increasing stock holders who want to own a winning stock rather than losers. Their portfolio is set for the coming storms of the financial markets.

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