Strategy: Looking For Strength and Leadership

September 19, 2022, 11:55 am EDT

Looking For Strength and Leadership

Looking for strength and leadership in this type of stock market is not a trivial task. Although the big picture of rising rates, higher inflation, and expansion of warfares hammer the markets, there are still some chances that a few industries may survive or thrive. Thus, in this article, we will try to identify some sectors and stocks which do relatively well with strength or leadership. 

The only bright spot during the global recession and economic slowdown could be surrounded by the post-COVID-19 environment. After nearly 3 years of shutdown and limitation, the business, school, and work are gradually returning to the pre-pandemic time. Thus, the strength and leading industries could be related to travel, hotels, gambling, airlines, and automobiles.

  • Travel: MMYT, EXPE, BKNG
  • Hotels: MAR
  • Gambling: CZR, LVS, MGM
  • Airlines: AAL, DAL, ALK, DAL
  • Automobiles: TSLA, GM

It is essential to be cautious during downtrend markets or bear markets because even the strongest stocks may be difficult to rise. The trading strategy should focus on strict risk management and nimble actions to get profitable trades. 

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