Technology: AI Mania

February 13, 2023, 1:55 pm EST

AI Mania

Artificial Intelligence or AI became a red-hot topic again through recent news from Microsoft-invested company OpenAI. 

It has a product called ChatGPT with the methods shown. Basically, it is a chatbot that provides answers to questions provided by the users. The goal is to be getting closer to human language and human knowledge can absorb. So, it attempts to shake search engine king Google by offering more concise and meaningful responses from more general or specific ranges of questions. 

Google felt the threat so it reacted immediately last week through Google Bard. Unfortunately, the results did not meet expectations or were poorly performed compared to ChatGPT so google’s stock tanked -12% last week. 

AI has been hyped for many years already but its ability is still limited. For example, it does not show much power in responding to COVID-19 events in forecasting, detecting, or treating the problem. But, it is rising up quickly and is going to replace more human jobs like consulting, journalism, financing, etc. 

This is the reason some AI-related companies rose up: MSFT, META, and NVDA.

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