Stock Today: Get Ready to Fly and Fight

September 16, 2020, 12:57 pm EDT

(Feature image is from Raytheon F-35)

Get Ready to Fly and Fight

COVID-19 marked the beginning of potential World War III as a biological weapons that China launch against the US and other countries. Initially, it was a trade balance issue2018  but China kept a harsh relationship along its development and escalated to widespread issues. Hong-Kong, spy, Huiwei, WFO threat, WTO suits, shutdown ChengDu consoluar, are examples of trouble between US and China. 

Furthermore, South China man-made islands for military base and territory dispute, US Taiwan visits, and  missile exercises from China near US carriers in the last couple weeks made the relationship much worse. It is time for US to get ready to fly and fight at the military level. 

Defense industry in aerospace, radar, advanced weapons are in focus. KTOS, RTX, TDG are ready to break out from base or follow-through with breakout. Get ready. 

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