2020 Actual Trade: FEYE +43% Profits

December 25, 2020, 9:02 pm EST

Firing Up Your Eyes for Quick Profits: FEYE

In order to catch quick profits, you need a sharp eye and patience like an eagle. You need to identify your targets, wait for the best moment to come. When the opportunity finally arrives to your zone, firing up your eyes and taking quick actions to seize your captures. Then, you can enjoy your rewards. Here we use FireEye Inc (FEYE), our actual trading example, to demonstrate how it works:

  • Identified FEYE strong earnings report on 07/29 that jumped +18%.  Please refer to our 07/29 article (gold member): “Cyber Security for Enterprise” for details 
  • Then 12.50-16.00 became the trading range for the next 5 months. It is the waiting for the moment when FEYE crossing over 16
  • Finally, Friday 12/18 FEYE jumped +11% at the opening because it discovered SolarWinds Inc fraud. In fact, there is no time to analyze the whole story on 12/18. We just acted on it to buy FEFE at 16.19. We published another article on 12/18 (all members) “Stock Picks: Cyber Security for Your Safety” to remind our readers  
  • FEYE was on fire to keep shooting higher on 12/18 to close +34% gains at closing. We already made +22% in a single day. But we know a strong breakout like this will not finish in one day only so we held on to it. 
  • When people were shopping for Christmas, we were riding the profit trains fast forward until FEYE finished at the destination on 12/24 to close at 23.16. 
  • It was a sharp and quick +43% profits in four trading days
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