Stock Picks: Iron Ore, Aluminum, and Copper Diggger – Rio Tinto (RIO)

August 27, 2021, 1:14 pm EDT

Iron Ore, Aluminum, and Copper Diggger – Rio Tinto (RIO)

There will be no human progress if there is no basic material available. Just look around our surrendering, phones, cars, buildings, bridges are all made from iron ore, aluminum, copper, etc. 

Rio Tinto (RIO) was founded in 1873. It is now $120 billion market company, In addition to +156% EPS growth in the most recent quarter, its 3 years EPS growth rate is impressive at +28%.  More importantly, RIO offers +9% dividends to reward long-term share holders. 

RIO should perform well with the US $3.5 trillion infrastructure projects. 

As pioneers in mining and metals, we produce materials essential to human progress. Iron ore for steel. Aluminum for cars and smartphones. Copper for wind turbines, electric cars, and the pipes that bring water to our home. Borates that help crops grow, titanium for paint – and diamonds that celebrate the best things in life.”   —Rio Tinto

Protective sell-stop can be set at 71.

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