Stock Picks: Alternative Energy Makers –  (LAC),  (CCJ), (SEDG)

October 12, 2021, 11:11 am EDT

Alternative Energy Makers –  (LAC),  (CCJ), (SEDG)

There are many types of alternative energies to use when traditional energy is in a tight supply like crude oil, natural gas, and coal. Here are three types to consider. Lithium is used to make batteries. Uranium is for nuclear power. A Solar inverter is necessary for solar panels and applications. It should be easy to follow the logic why all three related stocks surge about +7% as of now when the prices of the traditional energy shooting to the sky. 

  • Lithium Americas Corp (LAC): 3 Billion market cap, is a resource company, which engages in lithium development projects.
  • Cameco Corp (CCJ): 9 Billion market cap, engages in the provision of uranium.
  • Solaredge Technologies Inc (SEDG): 15 Billion market cap. It engages in the development of energy technology, which provides inverter solutions.

Their charts also demonstrated a strong rally and consolidation. It offers an ideal entry point for following up on the potential uptrend.

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