Stock Picks: Cleaner Fuels For a Cleaner Word: REGI

December 14, 2020, 9:39 am EST

Cleaner Fuels For a Cleaner Word: REGI

Clean and alternative energy are the ways to go for the future. For more than 20 years, Renewable Energy Group (REGI) has pushed clean fuels forward from niche products to economically viable fuel alternatives. 

REGI is a 2.4 billion company who engages in the production and trade of biofuel and renewable chemicals. It operates through the following segments: Biomass-based Diesel and Services. The Biomass-based Diesel segment processes waste vegetable oils, animal fats, virgin vegetable oils and other feedstocks and methanol into biomass-based diesel.

Stock performed very strong that double (32-64) from the past few months (July – October 2020) but there is a chance to get in now:

  • Consolidation occurs between 54-64 from October to December
  • REGI is at breakout level around 64
  • Sell-stop is 56 if REGI falls below this level
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