Stock Picks: Go Camping and Outdoor: CWH

December 15, 2020, 11:58 am EST

Go Camping and Outdoor: CWH

COVID-19 pandemic limits people to most indoor activities except stay-home. Shopping malls, restaurants, theaters, are longer available for consumers to spend their money and enjoy life. However,  outdoor activities are mostly available and become a good choice for individuals, families and friends. Thus, it makes sense to see explosive sales from companies who sell camping gears, recreational vehicles (RV), and outdoor gear. 

Camping World Holdings Inc (CWH) is one of the leaders and winners in this area. Not only CWH did so well in the first wave of COVID-19 from March to July 2020, but it could keep going higher because COVID-19 may not disappear in a short period of time. Vaccines are helpful but it takes time for people to get back to normal life completely. It could be at least another 6 month or 1-2 years. Here are some highlights about CWH:

  • 3 billion market cap made +1029% earning growth in the last quarter
  • Stock price gained more than 1000% or 10x from 4 to 40 during March-July
  • Outlook is bright due to people change behaviors toward more outdoor activities
  • Consolidation or mild decline may come to an end for the past 4-5 months
  • Coming breakout above 31-32 range could open up another uptrend
  • Sell-stop is 26
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