Stock Picks: Earth Intelligence – Maxar Technologies Inc (MAXR)

November 17, 2021, 6:30 pm EST

Earth Intelligence – Maxar Technologies Inc (MAXR)

The need for out-of-space information is getting more demand than ever. Satellite images, spacecraft platforms, robotics are all core businesses of Maxar Technologies Inc (MAXR). 

MAXR provides products and services to 50 governments around the world with integrated solutions that help them protect and improve livelihoods for their citizens.  

Its fundamental is a mixed bag of positive and negative earnings for this 2 billion market cap company. 

But, MAXR took off the ground after 11/03 earning reports with +18% gains. Technically, it formed a strong breakout after the convergence pattern. In the following 8 sessions, MAXR only made a minor pullback. Today, it decided to make a follow-through move when DJIA drop -211 points. It is significant to illustrate that traders and investors piled up quickly. 

Strong upside momentum visualized by the volume on 11/04 and 11/17 is evidence that something bullish is coming to MAXR. 

Protective sell stop order can be set at 30.

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