Strategy: Sector Rotation and Portfolio Alignment

December 2, 2022, 12:01 pm EST

Sector Rotation and Portfolio Alignment

Sector rotation is an important element to impact the performance of the portfolio. The portfolio should align with the sector or industry changes in order to maximize profits and minimize losses. 

The featured table is our portfolio that is available for our gold members. It is an example to demonstrate our approach in October and November to align our portfolio with emerging sectors and industries. 

There were many articles you can access from Articles > All that documented our thought process and methodology in the past two months where the truning point occurred. It is the point that investors dumped technology stocks or Nasdaq high flyers in 2020-2021. Investors focused on material, defense, pharmaceuticals for the new phases. 

We believe this trend is likely to continue into December and 2023. We do hope to begin to take profits on some of the portfolio holdings in the months to come.

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